10 reasons for dropping-out

What 379 young people say about dropping-out of upper secondary school. The report is a part of Theme Group Youth’s work with collecting and compiling experiences from the youth projects that have obtained partial financing from the European Social Fund (ESF). 379 young people who have not completed their upper secondary school education have shared their experiences in this report. The responses are from young people that participate in ESF projects.

We have posed questions and they have responded by stating the reasons for dropping-out, what could have been done to hinder the dropping-out, and shared their vision of the perfect upper secondary school. We have also visited two ESF projects where we have interviewed young participants, project managers and other professionals regarding issues that concern dropping-out from upper secondary schools. Our ambition with this report is to provide a youth perspective on causes for dropping-out of upper secondary school and also shed light on what young people believe can reduce or prevent students from interrupting their education.


23 Jun 2014

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