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Who we are


The possibilities for young people to obtain entry level positions have changed as the social structure and the availability of unskilled jobs has changed. As an direct outcome of the current situation the European Social Fund, ESF, established and organized the Theme Group Youth.


Theme Group Youth is composed of a steering group with representatives from several actors. It has an office located at the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs with a coordinator, web editor, three investigators and an economic officer/administrator. The Public Employment Service in Gothenburg has an assistant coordinator who is a member of the Theme Group Youth office. In addition, there is also an expert group and a high-level group.


Steering Group

All the participants in The Theme Group Youth are represented in the steering group.
The steering group decides on action plan and Theme Group Youth’s priorities.

Within the steering group collaborations are initiated and decided after being presented by the Theme Group Youth office.

The members of the steering group will participate in various working groups that will be formed and revised in conjunction with the annual business planning. All steering group members are operating in the area of strategic influence.

High-level Group
The high-level group has been set up to ensure that Theme Group Youth activities are rooted at the highest level within each organization as well as to take part in the effort to organize exchanges of experience.


Important effects of the High-level group participation:

• Influences theme group planning and performance.

• Contributes to a cross-sectoral collaboration.

• Provides conditions for the steering group to participate in, and spread an
awareness knowledge of Theme Group Youth back to each organization and among organizations.

• Creates an awareness of Theme Group Youth activities.

• Ensures that theme group work spreads within the organization.

• Ensure that theme group work is reported in financial statements where they exist.


Expert Group
The expert group has an advisory function with respect to the steering group, and it contributes a solid knowledge that is important to how Theme Group Youth performs.
Each expert has broad and deep expertise within their specific area and a recognized commitment to the group's overall objectives. The steering group has the ability to make well-considered decisions about Theme Group Youth operations and focus.


The Theme Group Youth Office
The Theme Group Youth office is located at the the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs and is staffed by six people. It operates in accordance with the project plan that the steering committee decides on.

The office collects and processes ESF project experience and results, produces materials and information and handles administration, documentation and financial accounting. It participates in international networks and is responsible for the dissemination of Theme Group Youth findings and proposals and makes inter-sectoral and other forms of collaboration possible.


Collaboration partners


The Swedish Public Employment Service


The National Board of Health and Welfare


Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR)

The Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency


The Swedish National Agency for Education

The National Board of Health and Welfare