Behind the numbers

SUMMARY VERSION Young people not in employment, education or training (NEET) have attracted much attention in recent years in the Swedish and international debate, as many in this group may find it difficult to establish themselves in the labour market. Knowledge about this group is incomplete despite the extensive coverage. The purpose of this report is to fill in some of these gaps.

Strength to work

SUMMARY VERSION Strength to work is a report on how youth projects within the European Social Fund work with young people with disabilities and health and fitness promotion. Young people with functional or other disabilities, which may result in those individuals finding it more difficult to become established in the labour market, comprise a high proportion of the young people participating in many Social Fund projects conducted in Sweden.

Lessons learnt from labour market project evaluations

SUMMARY VERSION Tranquist Utvärdering has been assigned by Theme Group Youth to conduct a meta-analysis of evaluations of youth projects funded by grants from the European Social Fund (ESF) during the programming period 2007 to 2013. The purpose of the study is to acquire knowledge about the methods and approaches, implementation and structural impediments identified in the implementation of labour market projects directed at young people and also about the quality of the evaluations. This meta-analysis encompassed 61 evaluation reports.

Temporary organisations for permanent problems

SUMMARY VERSION This document may be regarded as supporting information for decision-makers when organising activities requiring cooperation across organisational boundaries. Many cooperation projects are started and run within the public sector.

Young people outside

A socioeconomic discussion. This is a summative report about the costs of exclusion. It discusses the way we plan and finance public measures.

10 reasons for dropping-out

What 379 young people say about dropping-out of upper secondary school. The report is a part of Theme Group Youth’s work with collecting and compiling experiences from the youth projects that have obtained partial financing from the European Social Fund (ESF). 379 young people who have not completed their upper secondary school education have shared their experiences in this report. The responses are from young people that participate in ESF projects.

Meaningful work-based training for young people

In this publication we want to illustrate that work placed training programs can be a great tool – if carried out in a meaningful way for all parties.

It pays off

An analysis of the socioeconomic potential of 28 labour market projects

Evaluation of labour market projects for young people

What evaluations and evaluators say about youth projects co-financed by the European Social Fund

Common Reference Framework

The European Network on Youth Employment has been developed to discuss the following interdependent thematic fields: Youth Entrepreneurship, Youth Educational and Vocational Counselling and Youth Mobility.

Inclusion Thorugh Employability

The economic crisis has made youth unemployment worse, particularly for unskilled and excluded youth. Young people all too often experience yo-yo trajectories in and out of short-term work, unemployment, training and education.